Annapolis Police Foundation

The mission of the Annapolis Police Foundation is to assist the community of Annapolis, Maryland by raising charitable funds to support the Annapolis Police Department in increasing the capacity and improving the effectiveness of police programs and community outreach activities.


To support the Annapolis Police Department directly with resources to strengthen it and augment its services to the community.


A trusted stakeholder for the Annapolis Police Department, and dynamic influence for community safety.


Proactively engage business leaders and other private sector donor sources to provide extra-budgetary support for law enforcement needs and community outreach programs.

Core Values

Integrity:  We will operate ethically, transparently, and without conflict of interest or appearance.

Diversity:  We will seek membership which reflects our community.

Dedication:  We will serve with commitment to our mission and its implementations.

Service:  We will operate with a heart for helping.

Accountability:  We will carefully and responsibly manage Foundation funds with clear audit trails.

Fairness:  We will be impartial in our actions and our decisions.

What is the Annapolis Police Foundation?

What We Do

The Annapolis Police Department is dedicated to preventing and reducing crime for the community we serve. It is imperative we preserve the quality of life in the city through fair and impartial law enforcement services. 


The members of the Annapolis Police Department conduct over 800 community events a year. The funds we raise help support these community-building activities.

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The Annapolis Police Foundation, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization.  Donations to the foundation are tax deductible.